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Iligan rising from the ashes

ILIGAN CITY — This “former” industrial city of the South may have fallen hard with the demise of the giant National Steel Corp. in 1999 and a few other manufacturing industries. But local officials have learned their lesson well, and are now looking at ways to avoid another major fall in the future.

It appears that Iligan is now finally getting its acts together.

For one, Iligan now wants a more balanced economy. While its leaders are exerting efforts to have the NSC operate again, they are also looking into other directions, mainly tapping Iligan’s vast hinterlands for agriculture. Some efforts have also been made to make money out of tourism with Iligan’s various scenic attractions, its two dozen waterfalls among them that owned for itself the moniker “City of Waterfalls .”

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The fall of the industrial giant

(a series which came out in the Real Estate section of The Phil. Star
from February 21- March 6, 2003)

ILIGAN CITY – While everyone sought their fortunes in the big cities, the Francisco family had taken the reverse route and left Metro Manila to venture deep south where life was then easier and where your money went a long way. And why not? Iligan City was then the ‘Industrial city of the South” and Cesar P. Francisco had nothing to lose being a mere line helper in the tin canning facility of the National Steel Corporation in Pasig, Metro Manila.

Little did Cesar know that he would one day be a pawn in the shifting fortunes of global trade realities.

A few visits to the plant in Iligan had convinced Cesar that Iligan was an ideal place to raise a family. “I noticed that life is easier here, the environment cleaner,” he said in his Tagalog. “Besides, I found out that good schools in Iligan are way cheaper than comparable schools in Manila .”

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