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Meaningful tariff review sought

(Phil. Daily Inquirer, B-2, May 13, 2005)

The multi-sectoral Fair Trade Alliance (FTA), a broad coalition pushing for trade and economic reforms, is challenging the government to adopt urgent trade reform measures to make the on-going tariff review meaningful to the nation.

FTA lead convenor Wigberto E. Tañada said, “We hope that this time the tariff review leads to the immediate re-calibration of our trade measures which our local industry and agriculture have long been waiting for.”

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Cement firms set up own power plants to save on costs

(Malaya, B-10, May 26, 2005)

The Cement Manufacturers Association of the Philippines reported that the industry is improving energy by setting up its own power plants.

The industry can’t do less since fuel and power account about 50 to 80 percent of production cost.

CeMAP president felix Alfiler said the industry is becoming showcase of creative solutions to the energy problem in the country.

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DENR commends cement associated companies

(Manila Bulletin, G-27, May 1, 2005)

Department of Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Michael Defensor has commended the Lafarge associated companies in the Philippines for their disaster relief work during last year’s super typhoons.

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