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Cement Testing Center marks 25th year

Manila Bulletin, B-11, June 16, 2005
(similar story also came out in Business World and Daily Tribune)

In this age when most construction projects involve concrete mix, the quality of cement can spell boom or doom for project proponents, government regulators, cement manufacturers and the consuming public. A slight variance in quality can mean collapsed buildings and houses, ruined bridges, damaged roads, and precious lives lost.

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Petron, Holcim enter into energy-from-waste accord

Phil. Star, C-2, June 6, 2005
(similar story came out in BusinessWorld and Manila Standard Today)

The country’s largest oil company Petron Corp. recently entered into a memorandum of agreement with Holcim Philippines, the leading cement company in the country, for the processing of used oil and sludge from Petron’s customers at Holcim’s cement plants.

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