Firm donates first aid kits to San Fernando students

The Freeman, August 16, 2007
(Similar story came out in Super Balita, August 24, 2007)

TAIHEIYO Cement Philippines Inc. (TCPI) with Solid Earth Development Corp. (SEDC) donated first aid kits to some elementary schools in San Fernando, Cebu.

SEDC’s Hideki Yanagita with TCPI human resources and administration senior manager Esther P. Cola and their community development officers (CDOs) turned over the donations to these schools on July 4 to 11.

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FIRST AID KITS. Officials of Taiheiyo Cement Philippines, Inc. (TCPI) and Solid Earth Development Corp. (SEDC) turn over a set of first aid kit to Tinubdan Elementary School caretaker and Grade VI adviser Nonata S. Enerlas (5th from left) with fellow advisers Anita P. Pacquiao (2nd from left) and (from 6th from left) Jacqueline C. Paradela, Aileen S. Pacquiao, Julita P. Canoy and Ma. Victoria E. Alicaway. Also present are (from left) barangay community organizer Elisa L. Sasil, Rolando T. Manalop, Esther P. Cola, Hideki Yanagita and Efren T. Labrado.

The donation came as a result of a survey that the company CDOs conducted as they visited the schools to identify their needs. “We found out that the lack of first aid supplies and clinic facilities was common among all the schools,” noted CDO Gines T. Boltron.

San Fernando Central School in North Poblacion got four sets of first aid kit for having the highest population of elementary students, while the elementary schools of South Poblacion, Panadtaran and Magsico got two sets each. The rest in barangays Basak, Bugho, Cabatbatan, Ilaya, Tabionan, Taňaňas, Tinubdan and Tonggo got one each.

Each first aid kit contained the following: plastic strips (Band-Aid), gauze pads, elastic bandage, leukoplast plaster, micropore plaster, alcohol, betadine wound solution, cotton balls, skin ointment, burn ointment, calmoseptine ointment, bandage scissors, straight forceps, curve forceps, spirit of ammonia, eye drop solution, toothache drops, opthalmic drops, hydrogen peroxide, efficascent oil and auxiliary thermometer.

As this will not be just a one-time donation but a continuing program, TCPI and SEDC made arrangement with school officials to monitor and evaluate the usage of the supplies and note the complaints, illnesses and injuries they attended to as this will be the basis to determine future replenishments.

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