Haulers, transport execs to obey ’10 Road Safety Commandments’

Drivers and transport managers from 43 hauling companies in the Philip­pines have signed their commitment to the world-wide campaign to re­duce road accidents at the 1st Vehicle and Traffic Safety Conference at the Philippine Trade Training Center in Pasay City.

Presented with the “10 Command­ments of Driving Safety”, the haulers pledged to obey such principles. It was organized by the Cement Manufac­turer’s Association of the Philippines (CeMAP).

Transport Assistant Secretary Dante Lantin gave full support to these com­mandments. He said he would post these in the DOTC website. Taking the cue from Lantin, CeMAP president Ernesto Ordonez said: “The cement industry offers this model for other industry sectors to consider. This cam­paign has been launched in response to the alarming number of road accidents not only in the Philippines, but across the globe as well.”

The 10 commandments are:

  • Recognize leadership and account­ability
  • Follow regulatory requirements
  • Uphold personnel qualification, selection and training
  • Stay alert and prevent fatigue
  • Select vehicle according to speci­fication
  • Conduct vehicle maintenance and servicing regularly
  •  Maintain high-visibility for drivers and vehicles
  • Manage and avoid journey hazards
  • Be aware of on-site road and traffic management
  • Follow the rules on incident report­ing and investigation

In line with this, CeMAP awarded nine outstanding hauling companies for good vehicle safety practices.

The awardees are Angel Joy Trucking Services, BAC Trucking, Giga Trucking, Huang Construction Corp., J. Gatlabayan Trucking, Jao Tay Marketing and Trucking Services, Juanir Trucking Ser­vices, Vernice Trading and Services and Ulderico Merced Trucking.

Ordonez said they have been implementing training seminars and workshops for motorcycle, bus, jeep and truck drivers to be knowledgeable about road safety.  CeMAP has advised drivers to be familiar with and must respect vehicle codes, laws and regulations.

Also, drivers must not drive and work under the influence of liquor, drugs or any other substance that could impair their ability to safely operate the vehicle, CeMAP added.

The campaign effort is partnered with the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety led by the Department of Transportation and Communications in the country.

Lantin revealed a disturbing fact that driver’s error is the main cause of vehicular accidents in the country.

According to the latest report of the Department of Transportation and Com­munications (DOTC), 80 percent of re­ported road accidents in 2011 show that the driver’s inability to drive properly resulted in accidents.

“There are 3,500 people who die on the road everyday and 1.3 million each year worldwide, while 50 million are injured in road accidents. By 2020, road safety should no longer be a slogan but a way of life for every Filipino,” said Lantin.

Public Works Undersecretary Raul Asis discussed overloading in trucks and trail­ers, and cited anti-overloading laws and regulations. He clarified the relationship of the 13.5 ton axle load limit with the gross vehicle weight as prescribed in the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of RA 8794.


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