Cement industry posts good safety record

Cement companies in the country reported results that showed they are globally competitive in safety at the workplace in 2011, the Cement Manufacturers Association of the Philippines (CeMAP) disclosed on Monday.

CeMAP made this declaration timed with the April 28 observance of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

Local cement plants, according to CeMAP, have established world-class standards in ensuring healthy and safe working conditions for employees and contractors in the cement sector.

The consolidated 2011 health and safety records of six member companies showed there were no fatalities docu­mented involving employees. With a total of more than 4,000 direct employ­ees, the CeMAP members noted a drop in thel5 loss time injuries (LTI) in 2008 to 6 in 2011. A lost time injury is a work injury or disease where the injured party has at least one complete day or shift off work. The LTI frequency rate, therefore, of 1.4 in 2008 was cut by more than half to 0.6 in 2011. The number of calendar days lost went down from 349 in 2008 to only 42 in 2011.

“Cement manufacturing is labor intensive. Here in the Philippines, we manage to have a world-class achievement record on health and safety indicators, despite the many personnel involved in plant day-to­day operations,” CeMAP president Ernesto Ordonez said.

CeMAP has established a team of occupational health and safety (OH&S) specialists that share best practices to ensure that all cement plants can continue to improve their processes and practices.

“CeMAP members recognize the need to pay more attention to this area across the whole industry. This is why several activities and programs are being regularly implemented,” added Ordonez.

CeMAP has encouraged member companies to develop and publish information on hazards crucial for explaining with safety and control measures.

Each employee from different de­partments is required to go around the plant to observe and inspect good safety practices as well as violations. Industry experts orient them about the safety measures being implemented within the place, and are thus capable in reporting inconsistencies and poor quality actions. They also report out­standing safety practices, which will subsequently receive commendations to encourage continued good safety practices.

CeMAP also sets off its members in assuring occupational health and safety of its employees. Supports such as training for career development, professional growth, and respect for employee rights and concerns con­tribute to employee productivity and safety-consciousness.

Member companies also apply best practices in emission control measures and propagate their use in various op­erations.

Risk assessments in plant design and plant modification are done to prevent accidents and breakdowns as well as regular seminars on safety measures.

Employees and contractors are also trained to respond to emergencies and mishaps.

CeMAP makes sure its members have access to world class practices and benchmarks in the area of health and safety.  The CeMAP members companies are all committed to further improve with the goal to bring no harm to their employees, contractors and neighbors.

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