Cement haulers ready to adopt code of accountability for safety

Close to 300 cement haulers, truckers, road transport experts and road safety advocates from around the country are ready to sign a common Code of Accountability for Safety. This will be during the Second Vehicle and Traffic Safety conference on July 19 at the SMX Convention Center in Manila.

The conference is sponsored by the Cement Manufacturers’ Association of the Philippines (CeMAP). Out of 38 industry sub-sectors, CeMAP won the most outstanding award for Health and Safety from the Federation of Philippine Industries in 2012. This is partly because a prior CeMAP-sponsored conference produced the “10 Commandments of Driving Safety”  that is now part of the Department of Transportation and Communications website.

The cement hauling industry transports an estimated 1.54 million metric tons per month and 18.5 million metric tons per year.

The conference, with the theme “Road Safety: Our Shared Accountability,” will be highlighted by the final adoption of the Code of Accountability on Safety.

“With this Code, the Haulers Conference will set an industry standard on safety for haulers,” said Ernesto M. Ordoñez, CeMAP president.

This will underscore the value of accountability to help improve the driver’s behavior. A key objective is to establish a consensus among haulers to adhere to the Code of Accountability.”

Through the Code of Accountability on Safety, haulers are declaring their commitment to deliver quality cement in the most safe and most efficient method.

Road transportation expert Dr. Hilario Sean O. Palmiano, director of the University of the Philippines National Center for Transportation Studies (UP-NCTS), will provide an assessment of the country’s road safety status.

“Our objective is to deliver safely and efficiently. So in order for us to achieve accident free operations, we would like others to share our commitment, particularly our haulers,” explained this year’s event chair Edmundo Trazo, head of Health and Safety sub-committee of CeMAP.

Ordoñez pointed out that the conference manifests the cement industry’s commitment to road safety. “It will also emphasize the imperative of spreading this commitment to their shareholders, especially haulers,” he added.

At the gathering, the cement industry will present its safety performance. Also, outstanding haulers who achieved zero road safety accident, will be recognized in the event.

Haulers will also share among themselves some key learning points on road safety.

The Haulers’ Conference will also underscore the need to invest in training programs and acquisitions of technologies that will further stress the crucial importance of road safety.

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