CeMAP hails FPI approval of document on sustainable dev’t

The Cement Manufacturers Association of the Philippines (CeMAP) has lauded the adoption by the Federation of Philippine Industries (FPI) of a vital document committing members of the umbrella organization to a more active participation in joint efforts to attain sustainable development.

CeMAP was referring to the recent approval by the FPI board of the document entitled “Commitment to Sustainable Development” embodying the member-companies’ common concerns for environment protection, social welfare and poverty alleviation.

The document stated that FPI members “believe that sustainabledevelopment is a fundamental challenge facing humanity today, and that our industries need an agenda for action that accepts this challenge with focus on the overarching need of the country to address poverty.”

“A sustainable future cannot be achieved by a single industry acting in isolation,” it added.

The FPI identified key issues that have to be addressed, and drew up an action plan to be implemented over the next five years.

By signing the document, FPI members committed themselves to undertake initiatives in the following areas:

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects to uplift the well being of communities where our FPI members are located.
  2. Waste and Emissions Management
  3. Use and Recycling of Raw Materials, Fuel, Water and Other Resources
  4. Health and Safety

CeMAP earlier called for stronger cooperation in undertaking “meaningful initiatives which will impact on sustainable development for the country (and) for other industries to emulate.

” According to CeMAP, an FPI-CeMAP Sustainable Development Action Plan involves similar moves, but focuses on the pressing issue of poverty alleviation.

The joint action plan also calls for exchange of information among their FPI member-corporations pertaining to their CSR and environment protection projects.

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