Studies validate energy, environment savings from concrete

Manila Bulletin, September 27, 2005, B-13
(Similar story came out in Manila Standard Today)

International studies have confirmed various energy and environment conservation features of concrete pavements.

The study conducted by the National Research Council of Canada showed that heavy vehicles traveling on concrete roads and highways can realize as much as 11% savings in fuel costs compared to asphalt roads.

The study further boosts the significance of results of a socio-economic impact study of concrete highways prepared by KPMG Consulting in British Columbia which showed that concrete pavements also results in millions of dollars worth of savings for taxpayers.

According to KPMG, the significant savings results from dramatic reduction in costs associated with environmental and emission issues, fuel usage, safety, comfort, traffic congestion and construction-related accidents.

Commenting on the study, Cement Manufacturers’ Association of the Philippines (CeMAP) chairman Renato C. Sunico said that the study validates the fact that use of concrete in Philippine roads had proved to be very sound investment.

“This only confirms what we already know—that concrete highways have a direct and positive impact on the environment and the economy,” he said.

Sunico also said that advances in concrete paving technologies have resulted in many innovations that consider infrastructure challenges such as increase in vehicular traffic, less ime to do repair work and less money available for maintenance.

Sunico said that by helping reduce fuel consumption, concrete provides relief from high fuel prices while reducing vehicle emissions which in turn, help curb the release of greenhouse gases in the environment.

Philippine experience and international studies validate findings that concrete roads have much lower incidence of repair and maintenance than soft-surface roads. International experience show concrete highways lasting up to 30 years or more without undergoing major repairs.

Other benefits of concrete highways cited by KPMG include improved night time visibility (concrete roads has 33-50% luminescence than conventional roads) and superior ride comfort on a surface that resists rutting.

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