Republic cement lauds DTI for crackdown on fake brands

(Manila Standard, B-3, March 21, 2005)

Republic Cement Corporation (RCC) has lauded the Dept. of Trade and Industry’s Consumer Welfare and Trade regulation Group (CWTRG) and the Bureau of Product Standards (BPS) for their raids on stores selling buriki cement.

The raid by BPS Director Jesus Motoomull, which came as a result of a complaint filed by RCC with the BPS, found retailers selling buriki or cement which, has been illegally tampered with.

“We thank the BPS for acting with speed and professionalism in the resolution of this issue. Their actions have helped ensure that both our customers and our products are protected from unscrupulous burikeros,” Mr. Juan Miguel Montinola, president of Republic Cement Corporation, said.

Montinola also warns cement buyers from purchasing cement with telltale signs of adulteration, such as lightweight bags, tampered packaging and absence of security markings. “It is through enforcement activities such as this that we can ensure the quality and consistency of our cement at all times. We should continue to support government’s efforts to ensure that consumers’ rights are continuously and consistently upheld.”

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