CeMAP Raises Concern Over Product Standard Applicability

The Chinese cement shipments imported recently into some areas of Mindanao do not have complete markings specified under Philippine National Standard 07:2005, Cement Manufacturers’ Association of the Philippines (CeMAP) President Ernesto M. Ordoñez said.

He added that the shipments also have not completed the 28-day compressive strength test which is designed to ensure consumer safety. “Nevertheless, some of the cement is already being sold. This, to the possible detriment of consumers whose safety may be at risk because of low quality imported cement in certain parts of Mindanao.”

Ordoñez pointed out that Davao-based cement company Holcim Philippines has sent official letters to Department of Trade and Industry – Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) Secretary Ishak V. Mastura and DTI-Bureau of Product Standards Director Jesus L. Motoomull, inquiring whether or not the law on product testing and marking should be followed in all parts of the country.

Motoomull earlier said that all regions in the Philippines including the ARMM are required to comply with the national law on product standards. He emphasized that while the ARMM is autonomous in some areas, it has to follow the national rules on cement standards in order to protect consumers from substandard products.

However, Secretary Mastura believes that the ARMM, being an autonomous region, is exempted from this and can make its own rules.

“It is hoped that this issue be resolved immediately for the benefit of consumers,” Ordoñez said.

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