The CTC organization of professional, experienced and well-trained staff is composed of Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) registered Chemists, PRC registered Chemical Technicians and experienced Physical Analysts.

These personnel compose the 4 work groups namely, Laboratory Management Group, Technical Services Group, Physical Testing Group and Chemical Testing Group.

Every year, a training program is crafted for the entire CTC staff. These trainings come in the form of refresher, awareness and skills enhancement courses.


OUR VISION – To be an internationally recognized testing laboratory for competency and reliability and a leading institution that provides consumer protection, consumer welfare and consumer safety.

OUR MISSION – CTC shall strive for the highest level of competence in cement testing to produce accurate, precise and credible test results that can assure consumer confidence. It shall endeavor to monitor the quality of all types of available cement in the country to assure the public that these cements, either local or imported, comply with the established applicable standards taking into prime consideration, consumer welfare and safety.


CTC was founded in June 1980 by the now defunct Philippine Construction Industry Authority (PCIA) of DTI. The technical and administrative operations were handled by PCIA while funding was provided by Philcemcor (Philippine Cement Manufacturers Corporation). Although it started with just 3 people, CTC’s beginnings were not a humble one. In its formative years, it had the support of the United Nations International Development Organization that came in the form of equipment donation and training. CTC, after all, had a formidable task of ensuring consumer safety by monitoring the quality of cement in the country. Since its inception, CTC has continued to be true and unwavering in its mandate. This, amidst a handover of its technical and administrative management from PCIA to Philcemcor in 1986, 3 relocations and a change of name from Cement Central Laboratory to CTC in 2003.

Source for CTC History: “CTC Quality Manuals”