Taiheiyo Cement Philippines, Inc.

TAIHEIYO CEMENT PHILIPPINES, INC. (TCPI) is a subsidiary of and wholly-owned by Japan’s biggest cement manufacturer, Taiheiyo Cement Corporation (TCC). TCC was established when the three century-old Japanese giant companies merged together in 1994 (Onoda Cement Co. Ltd. And Chichibu Cement Co., Ltd. became Chichibu Onoda Cement Corporation) and in 1998 (Chichibu Onoda Cement Corporation merged with Nihon Cement Co., Ltd. and became Taiheiyo Cement Corporation). It was in 2000 when TCC acquired the 88% shareholdings of the erstwhile Grand Cement Manufacturing Corporation, and in 2003 it acquired the remaining 12% of the shareholdings, making it a 100% Japanese owned Corporation. For Taiheiyo Cement, this move will effectively boosts its global presence and strengthen Taiheiyo’s business development in the Pacific areas, such as the United States of America, China, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Our Company is engaged in the manufacture and sale of portland, blended hydraulic (binary and ternary blended cement) and masonry cement products under the brand names: “GRAND” and “BUILDERS”. These products are certified to be of consistent superior quality in accordance with international standard, as well as Philippine National Standards for cement products.

Our cement products come in bulk, in 1.0 tonner big bag, in 40-kilogram bag, as well as 36-kilogram bag for masonry cement.

The plant facility is located in San Fernando, Cebu – 30 kilometers south of the City.

TAIHEIYO CEMENT PHILIPPINES, INC. is geared to be strongest in the whole Visayas and Mindanao Regions, and has started to market the cement products to Luzon. Our plant is strategically located in the Visayas area. While TCPI is one among the cement plants with the shortest route to the Northeastern Mindanao corridor, we have the advantage of moving products by sea, which is comparatively cheaper. Aside from having produced superior quality cement products, TAIHEIYO CEMENT PHILIPPINES, INC. banks on its cost and geographical advantage as well as its entrenched distributors in gaining a sizeable market share nationwide. Within the Southeast Asian cement market, the Philippines shows promise in terms of future growth, balance of supply and stability of demand.