Filipino construction materials manufacturers support President Marcos in push to prioritize local building materials

November 14, 2023

Members of the Philippine construction materials manufacturing industry support President Marcos’ push to buy local, especially when it comes to building materials.

At a recent meeting with the infrastructure cluster of the Private Sector Advisory Council (PSAC), industry leaders came to discuss giving preference and priority to building materials produced in the Philippines, such as cement, steel, and other locally made construction materials.

By starting with government-led consumption, which accounts for 40% of total demand, the Marcos Administration will be taking the lead in patronizing locally manufactured building materials. This initiative will reduce reliance on imported products, encourage investments in the sector, create and maintain thousands of jobs, generate more tax revenues, significantly save the country’s dollar reserves, and ultimately support the growth of the industry and boost economic development.

Through the Buy Lokal Campaign, the government takes the lead in patronizing building materials made by Filipinos for the Filipino. “It’s just fair for our government to take the lead in also patronizing our own products,” PSAC head Sabin Aboitiz said during the meeting.

Also present during the meeting advocating for local building materials manufacturers was Reinier Dizon, president of the Cement Manufacturers Association of the Philippines. “In the case of cement, we have more than enough domestic operating capacity at 46 million tons to meet the 35 to 36 million tons of annual demand for cement,” shared Dizon. “Philippine made products are subject to the strict requirements of the Philippine National Standards, ensuring that the local consumer will receive quality building materials made with their needs in mind.” The PNS is developed based on international standards and adapted to Philippine conditions.

“CeMAP is grateful for the President Marcos’ commitment to continued economic development and fully supports the president in his bid to lead by example when it comes to Filipino products,” added Dizon. “We are confident that, through this initiative, our partners in the private and public sector, will rise to the occasion to buy local and patronize locally manufactured building materials, supporting thousands of jobs towards shared economic progress. The Philippines is very blessed with abundant natural resources and talented people, we need to unleash our potential as a country by first patronizing our own.”


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